Plain brass ,

Plain brass ,

The plain brass is the original rotaryworks tattoo machine first designed around 1997 but a lot different to the one we sell today .what are your thoughts if any on this tattoo machine 

When it comes to the world of tattooing, the tools of the trade are crucial for achieving the desired results. One key piece of equipment that tattoo artists rely on is the plain brass tattoo machine, which is powered by a DC motor. Let's delve into the inner workings of this essential device.

What sets the plain brass tattoo machine apart?

The plain brass tattoo machine stands out for its durable and reliable construction. Made from high-quality brass, this machine is built to last and can withstand the demands of daily use in a tattoo studio. The use of brass also ensures excellent conductivity, allowing for smooth and consistent performance.

How does the DC motor enhance performance?

Unlike traditional coil tattoo machines, the plain brass tattoo machine is powered by a DC motor. This type of motor offers several advantages, including increased precision and control during the tattooing process. The DC motor delivers a more consistent and stable power output, resulting in smoother lines and shading.

What are the benefits of using a plain brass tattoo machine?

Using a plain brass tattoo machine offers numerous benefits for both tattoo artists and their clients. The durable construction and reliable performance of this machine ensure that artists can work efficiently and achieve the desired results with ease. Clients can also enjoy a more comfortable tattooing experience, thanks to the precise and consistent operation of the DC motor.

Overall, the plain brass tattoo machine powered by a DC motor is a valuable tool for any tattoo artist looking to elevate their craft. With its durable construction, reliable performance, and precise operation, this machine is a must-have for achieving stunning tattoo designs.

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